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Asya International Movers
Resitpasa Mah. Degirmentepe
Aykan Sokak No. 18/2
TR-34467 Emirgan,

Company Profile

Asya Nakliyat was established by İlhan Demirel in 1963 in Ankara with the aim of making it an expert company in the field of transporting of household goods. Developing quickly, it has now become a rapid, reliable and a leading company in its sector. In order to provide a contemporary service for their customers, they started regular transport of household goods abroad in 1986, and they were the first company in Turkey to do this. In addition to the achievements made in household goods transportation, Asya Nakliyat has proven its quality of service by securely transporting world-famous works of art. The company has the principle of providing the best possible service to their customers, especially in the transport of household goods. They continually put themselves in the place of their customers, understand their needs and explain all the details of their service in the clearest possible way.

Bedel Mobility Solutions is an independent relocation company based in Istanbul managed by the Demirel family, with offices also in Izmir and Ankara. Since their start in 1996, Bedel have specialized in relocation and immigration services for corporate and private clients. They provide professional support and advice, and understand what the relocating expat goes through as their employees are expats themselves and have been through the maze of feeling at home in Turkey.

All aspects of relocation are covered by a wide range of quality services, fast answers to daily questions, and packages designed specifically to client’s needs, fully customizable of course.



Bedel Mobility Solutions
Resitpasa Mah. Degirmentepe
Aykan Sokak No. 18/1
TR-34467 Emirgan,

Tel: +90 212 359 20 30
Fax: +90 212 249 60 84

Locations: Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir



Ebru Demirel, GMS, CERP 2 (Board Member/Rates/Corporate Sales/HR)
Tel: +90 212 359 20 40

Sinem Yildiz (Relocation Manager)
Tel : + 90 212 359 20 33

Gulsah Kucukince (Immigration Manager)
Tel : +90 212 359 20 36

Ozlem Elmaci (Finance)
Tel : +90 212 359 20 25



Asya International Movers
Resitpasa Mah. Degirmentepe
Aykan Sokak No. 18/2
TR-34467 Emirgan,

Tel: +90 212 359 20 00
Fax: +90 212 243 65 09

Locations: Adana, Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir



Ebru Demirel, GMS, CERP 2 (Board Member/Corporate Sales)
Tel: +90 212 359 20 20

Mete Turk (Export Manager)
Tel: +90 212 359 20 03

Gunes Costur (Import Manager)
Tel: +90 212 359 20 04

Volkan Aldemir (Rates)
Tel: + 90 212 359 20 11

Cevher Baskan (Fine Art)
Tel: +90 212 359 20 13

Yesim Kocaconduk (Finance)
Tel: +90 212 359 20 14

Country Info

Government typeRepublican Parliamentary Democracy
Total Area780,580 km²
IndustriesTextiles, food processing, automobiles, electronics, mining, steel, petroleum, construction, lumber, paper
Famous CitiesAdana, Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul, Izmir, Konya, Pergamum, Troy
Official languagesTurkish
Country code+90
CurrencyTurkish Lira (TRY)
Voltage220 V
Public Holidays

Native Attributes


Work permit / residence permit – Foreigners who come to Turkey to work must have both work and residence permits during their stay. The work permit usually takes a maximum of two months to obtain due to the paperwork process between Istanbul and Ankara, where the Ministry of Labor is located. So it is always good to have professional assistance in order to accelerate the process. Residence permits are much easier to obtain (one week to ten days).

Home search – In the main cities, housing consists mainly of apartments and duplexes in secure compounds, but houses or villas can be found in the suburbs and are available to rent or purchase. Buying requires a reciprocity agreement with your country of nationality. Unfurnished houses are preferred by expats, as they usually want to bring their own furniture.

Language – The Turkish language belongs to the Ural-Altaic group and has an affinity with the Finno-Hungarian languages. Turkish has been written in the Latin alphabet since 1928 and is spoken by about 150 million people around the world. It is important to add that Turkish can be a difficult language to master both in grammar and in pronunciation. The language is very phonetic and is read exactly the way it is written.

Transportation – Turkish traffic can seem busy and annoying at first but the traffic rules are similar to those in Europe. Rental cars with professional drivers can be easily obtained. Public transport is plentiful and inexpensive. Another alternative is flying. There are regular flights between all major cities. Traveling by bus is still the main type of transportation and every corner of Turkey can be reached from the bus station or main bus terminals.

Schools – Turkey has many international schools (English, German, French, Italian etc.) most of which can be found in or around the larger cities. English is the main teaching language for most of these schools and the school day is based on the International curriculum. All international schools have private security and school bus services.

Local customs – As Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country, some customs and cultures may be different from Europe but, surprisingly, not that much. Turkish people are basically a mix of many different ethnic backgrounds, including Turks, Armenians, Kurds, Caucasians, Georgians, Arabs, Greeks, Thracians and Russians. Modern Turkey enjoys the diversity of all the cultural colors these ethnic backgrounds have to offer.

Turkish cuisine – Turkish cuisine is one of the three main cuisines of the world together with French and Chinese. Turkish cuisine is very colorful and contains many different tastes. Turkey, which first hosted Byzantine then Ottoman Empires, does not have a mutual food culture. Turkish kebap is very well known by expats and tourists.

Orientation – Your first visit to Turkey can be daunting, like visiting any other country for the first time. A tour around your new region would help to deciding in which area you would prefer to live.

Pets – Pets are becoming more and more popular now in Turkey and a host of services such as vets and kennels are available. There have been some recent changes in the regulations for the importation of animals into Turkey, so it would be wise to check into this beforehand.

Climate – Turkey is located halfway between the Pole and Equator, and lies like a natural bridge between Asia and Europe. Turkey enjoys a variety of climates, ranging from the temperate climate of the Black Sea region, to the Mediterranean climate of the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal regions, as well as the continental weather of the interior. The coastline touching the four seas that border the country is 8,333 km long.

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